A Comprehensive Plan to End Homelessness in Christchurch

Every night of the year, Christchurch provides a warm and safe place to sleep for those who have nowhere else to go. Currently, there are 15 beds for men and 12 for women, and meals are also provided. Despite this, many families are still living in overcrowded housing, even if they have been housed in emergency housing. To tackle this issue, the Housing First program helps people who have been homeless for at least a year return to permanent housing.

This plan offers personalized support for as long as necessary to help them stay in their homes and address the underlying issues that led to their homelessness. The Aotearoa Plan of Action for Homelessness is a balanced approach to preventing and reducing homelessness in New Zealand. It builds on existing responses and introduces essential changes to address the situation of homeless people. At the start of the pandemic, New Zealand made headlines for appearing to eliminate homelessness, but the story is more complex.

To further support those in need, CMM offers a range of transitional and community housing in Christchurch and Blenheim, as well as comprehensive support for tenants. This has been achieved by collaborating between communities and coordinating most of the existing community resources. The goal of these initiatives is to ensure that everyone in Christchurch has access to safe and secure housing. By providing emergency beds, meals, permanent housing, and comprehensive support services, Christchurch is taking steps towards achieving this goal.

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