Why is it Difficult for Companies to Achieve Location Economies in New Zealand?

New Zealand is a small economy with limited growth opportunities in the domestic market. This is due to the strict regulations in place to protect the country from biosafety risks, as well as the need for exporters to comply with local import rules and regulations. This article will explore the relationships between the economy of trade, geography, and industrial conglomerates, and how they affect New Zealand's long-term growth prospects. It will also suggest possible strategies that New Zealand can employ to promote growth. From an economic geography perspective, New Zealand is an extreme geographical periphery with respect to its main trading partners in the OECD.

This means that there are very low absolute levels of urban concentration, which can benefit peripheral economies such as New Zealand. However, due to the small urban scales of New Zealand's major cities, localized agglomeration economies are not enough to compensate for the country's exposure to competition in the international market. The global trading system as a whole will benefit from declining international and interregional transaction costs. But, unless New Zealand can generate significant economies of scale on its own, the relative distribution of those advantages will not favor it. As a result, an increasing proportion of activities located in New Zealand by multinational businesses will tend to be there mainly to serve the domestic market. To achieve location economies in New Zealand, businesses must focus on developing their competitive advantages.

This could include investing in research and development, improving their production processes, and leveraging their existing resources. Additionally, businesses should look for ways to collaborate with other companies in order to create larger economies of scale. Finally, businesses should consider expanding into new markets and diversifying their product offerings. In conclusion, it is difficult for companies to achieve location economies in New Zealand due to its small economy and limited growth opportunities in the domestic market. However, by focusing on developing their competitive advantages and leveraging existing resources, businesses can still find ways to succeed in this challenging environment.

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