Taste the Delicious Cuisine of Christchurch

When visiting New Zealand, be sure to savor some of the country's iconic kiwifruit dishes and drinks. From the classic Hāngī cooked underground to the beloved New Zealand Pavlova and fruit salad, there is something for everyone to relish. The Maori word for food is kai. In the past, kai was gathered from the land and sea, with kumara (sweet potato) being a staple crop.

Tī Kōuka (cabbage trees) were also harvested for their kauru and main root, which were consumed. Eels (tuna) were a favorite among the Maori, as well as many other fish species found along the coast. Lamb was also highly prized and preserved through a process known as pōhā tītī.New Zealanders are passionate about seafood, so it's no surprise that it has become an essential part of their cuisine. Crayfish and other seafood are popular dishes, but overfishing can be a concern in New Zealand's rivers.

No matter what you choose to eat while in Christchurch, you're sure to find something delicious. From traditional Maori dishes to modern seafood creations, there is something for everyone to savor.

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