Job Opportunities Abound in Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, the oldest city in New Zealand, is renowned for its agricultural roots and strong ties to the manufacturing industry. After the devastating earthquakes that rocked the city, there was a great need for structural engineers. The Canterbury economy is home to a wide range of high-tech, aerospace and healthcare companies, and the labor market is expected to remain strong in the coming years due to steady economic growth. Christchurch's less conventional schools include Ao Tawhiti, Hagley Community College, and Christchurch's Rudolf Steiner School.

Of the 40,000 new jobs created each year in New Zealand, nearly half are dedicated to accommodation and food services, business services, construction or retail. Before apparel manufacturing largely moved to Asia, Christchurch was the center of New Zealand's garment industry, with firms such as LWR Industries. New Zealand curricula differ from other countries in that they rarely list all previous jobs, but rather explain the skills you have and provide examples of how you've used them. The residential sector has experienced massive growth, and around 50,000 new homes are expected to be built in the Christchurch metropolitan area between now and 2028. A number of labor sectors are expanding rapidly, such as consulting, sales, sports, hospitality and tourism.

The New Zealand government is actively seeking to attract workers from other countries to fill the skills gap, which translates into excellent job prospects for international workers. Due to the competition for jobs, it's not uncommon for international job seekers to accept more junior positions to gain work experience in New Zealand. The United States Navy and the United States Air National Guard, in addition to the air forces of New Zealand and Australia, use Christchurch Airport as a takeoff point for the main supply route to McMurdo and Scott bases in Antarctica. Television broadcasts began in Christchurch on June 1, 1961 with the launch of the CHTV3 channel. New Zealand's first public railway line, the Ferrymead Railway, opened between Ferrymead and Christchurch in 1863. The Christchurch Arena is the second largest permanent multi-purpose stadium in New Zealand. Christchurch offers a plethora of job opportunities across many industries.

Common industries include agriculture, manufacturing, engineering, consulting, sales, sports, hospitality and tourism. With its strong economy and flourishing job market, Christchurch is an attractive destination for international job seekers looking for work experience in New Zealand.

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