Helping the Christchurch Community: How the Government is Supporting

The Government of Aotearoa, New Zealand is dedicated to providing aid to those in dire financial straits. To this end, it has implemented a plan that offers grants to voluntary and non-profit organizations that work in local communities and neighborhoods. This is part of the Government's effort to carry out the recommendations of the Christchurch Call, an international initiative to combat terrorist and violent extremist content online. The primary objectives of the Christchurch Call are to enhance crisis response, publish transparency reports, include all content in the category of “terrorist and violent extremist content”, and expand the community of followers. In response to the March 15 terrorist attack on mosques in Christchurch, the Government established a royal commission of inquiry to investigate whether public sector bodies had done enough to protect New Zealanders from terrorist attacks and if more could be done. The Government has also collaborated with civil society to involve them in the implementation of the commitments made in Paris.

To this end, it has encouraged the formation of a consultative network composed of international civil society organizations. The Government is providing financial assistance to organizations that are helping those affected by the tragedy. This includes grants for mental health services, housing assistance, and support for victims' families. The Government is also providing funding for community-based initiatives that promote social cohesion and resilience. These initiatives include youth mentoring programs, cultural activities, and community-building events. The Government is also working with local authorities to ensure that all affected communities have access to essential services such as health care, education, and employment opportunities.

It is also providing support for businesses affected by the tragedy. The Government's efforts are helping to rebuild the Christchurch community and ensure that all affected individuals and families receive the support they need. By providing financial assistance and promoting social cohesion, the Government is helping to create a safe and secure environment for all New Zealanders.

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